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CENTRIMIX facilitates the mixing and deaeration (Air Removal) of compounded mixtures like never before, and oftentimes in just a few seconds! The final product, content uniformity, homogenous mixtures, and air removal.

CIRCUMGYRATIONAL motion is a novel technology previously used by other industries that necessitate homogeneous final mixtures and elegant preparations of various compounds.  Mixing, milling, dispersion, and de-aeration are now very common terms for compounding facilities who are embracing this new technology.  BIOSRX is proud to play a large role in the advancement and adaptation of centrifugal mixers tailored to the compounding industry.

Dr. Moses Perez, Pharm.D.—founder of BIOSRX, INC. and developer of TICKER®, Gentle Dose®, Cappucine®—is passionate for incorporating this new line of mixing technology into the chore of our company.  In fact, BIOSRX, Inc. is the first USA Company presently researching and developing complimentary dispensing and transferring technologies tailored to improving the safety and efficiency of compounding laboratories using this type of centrifugal speed mixing technology.


Take your mixing to the next level. The power of a 2000 RPM mixer. The ability to deaerate, mill, and melt. The confidence you need to lead the way. The 2018 CENTRIMIX AX-8S.

Our Mission

We develop advanced mixing and dispensing technologies resulting in improved patient outcomes, laboratory efficiency, and productivity.

Centrimix Models


Centrimix AX-8S 
AX-8S (310 g x One Capsule)

AX-9Z pic1.2sm
AX-9Z (400 g x Two Capsules)



Mixing, Deaeration, Melting, and Milling Capabilities

CENTRIMIX – Mixing Simplicity

Just a 4-step process:

  1. Transfer your preparation into the mixing container for mixing or deaeration
  2. Weigh your complete preparation and container and dial the appropriate counter-balance with your finger
  3. Load the preparation into CENTRIMIX, close the lid, choose your mixing speed setting, and push start
  4. After the mixing ended, remove you preparation from CENTRIMIX, review and analyze your preparation

Your imagination is now a reality with CENTRIMIX


The following formulations were mixed with CENTRIMIX and visually inspected for content uniformity.

Deaeration (Air Removal) with CENTRIMIX

Are your patients and physicians concerned about excessive air-pockets? The CENTRIMIX AX-8S features has a built-in, vacuum-like capability that removes undesirable air-pockets and bubbles from your formulation. Thus creating the highest quality formulations on earth that will impress everyone.  Therefore, with the push-of-a-button, CENTRIMIX is able to deaerate and mix at the same time yielding astounding preparations beyond the imagination.


Melting with CENTRIMIX

In just a few minutes, CENTRIMIX facilitates the melting of gelatin gum base without cumbersome beakers or hot plates!

Place the gelatin gum base inside the container, and insert into Centrimix. After setup, the gelatin base will be partially melted in approximately 2 to 3 minutes, with an internal temperature of ~ 37ºC. Next add the API(s) and any color or flavor needed to the container. With an additional mixture of 1 to 2 minutes, the final product is homogeneous, uniform, and fully melted, reaching an internal temperature of ~ 40ºC. Due to the varying melting points with different gelatin gum bases, the mixing may range from 3 to 5 minutes. With thermal elevation control in Centrimix, API(s) are protected due to a lower melting point, which is achieved through the power of centrifugal forces!


Milling with CENTRIMIX

Zirconium Milling Spheres (ZMS) can drastically cut your milling to a fraction of the time.  These ZMS can be added to your preparation inside the mixing container to yield results far better than ever expected.  Not to mention consistency in your milling processes due to standardized centrifugal times and speeds set by Centrimix.  At BIOSRX we have already compiled a list of settings to save your compounding organization valuable time. These setting can be added to the appropriate formulas.


CENTRIMIX: “I am completely satisfied with my centrifugal planetary mixer. My compounding preparations are now mixed and de-aerated like never before!” Marysville Medicine Shoppe, Marysville, CA

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Centrimix AX-9Z

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Centrimix AX-8S

The Centrimix Ax-8S model is suitable for a wide range of applications that require uniform and homogenous mixtures and even de-aerating capabilities. The Centrimix AX-8S model facilitates dispersion of micronized powders as well as high viscosity bases and formulations. With a maximum capsule capacity of 310g (Including the weight of the capsule). Features: High speed […]


CENTRIMIX: A New Beginning in Mixing

We develop advanced mixing and dispensing technologies resulting in improved patient outcomes, laboratory efficiency, and productivity. We meet and exceed the challenges of day to day laboratory operations through our amazing line of planetary centrifugal mixers and accessories.

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