The Centrimix AX-9Z model is a TWO CAPSULE centrifugal speed mixing system equipped with a multitude of revolving and rotating speeds, as well as several mixing programs.  Each capsule houses standard containers with a maximum capacity of 350g (400ML). Therefore, this novel speed mixing system is able to mix and deaerate a combined maximum weight of 700 grams of preparation with the dual capsules.

As a contained centrifugal mixing system, CENTRIMIX is ideal for a wide spectrum of compounded pharmaceutical applications where homogenous mixtures and content uniformity are highly desirable. The mixing is fast, tranquil, and easy.

Improved Lab efficiency and reduced processing times

In just a matter of seconds, Centrimix will completely mix your formulation while your lab team prepares for the next step. In the process, this amazing mixing technology will also deaerate and reduce unnecessary equipment that oftentimes it gets washed away. Without propellers, blades, or rods, the mixing with CENTRIMIX is practically flawless. Not mention your lab personnel will benefit from the lesser equipment to clean and sanitize.

With the push-of-a-button, CENTRIMIX mixes, deaerates, mills, dispensers, and it even melts! 

No magic, only pure technological advances

The Centrimix AX-6S is the most compact, and the fastest model from the product line. With a maximum holding capacity of 300ML (310 g), Centrimix comes equipped with a single capsule and an integrated counterbalance. The capsule houses a standard jar and a disposable liner that fits inside the standard 300ML jar.


At maximum, 2,000 revolutions per minute, the CENTRIMIX AX-6S is ideal for getting you the fastest speed with centrifugal speed mixing technology.


The CENTRIMIX AX-9Z model the most compact and light weight system of our product collection.   Centrimix AX-9Z weights 50 kilograms and measures, 400 mm (W) × 482 mm (D) × 495 mm (H).

AIR POCKETS – A thing of the past

To some, perhaps the most impressive advantage of CENTRIMIX mixing technology over the rest, is its ability to degas and deaerate your preparations during the mixing.  The end product is nothing but pharmaceutical-grade elegant mixtures that will improve accuracy with you choice of dispensation devices.

When to mix with CENTRIMIX?

Anytime pharmacists needs reproducible, homoegeneous preparations for their patients.

[FOC] Formulations of Choice for CENTRIMIX


High-viscosity suspensions that oftentimes it takes a while to mix or deaerate, or expensive compounds where significant waste is not acceptable are common cases where CENTRIMIX surpasses the competition.


Features and Benefits:

  • Deaerates, mixes, mills your preparations
  • High speed centrifugal mixing (270 – 1,400 rpm)
  • Unmatched mixing speeds for compounding transdermal creams, gels, and ointments
  • Ideal for melting gelatin base for troches and chewy pet treats
  • Transforms fluffy powder mixtures into compact preparations, drastically reducing your encapsulation time
  • Drastically reduces valuable cleaning time
  • Amazing mixing speeds cut down on your compounding time
  • Suitable for hazardous drug compounding due to closed system mixing; meets USP <800> requirements 
  • Equipped with vacuum-like features that removes air pockets
  • Mixes most 100g hormone TD mixtures in just 60 seconds! (AX-8S model)
  • Ensures homogeneous formulations (< 4% RSD)
  • Redundant safety features
  • Reusable and disposable containers allow for quick and easy clean-up
  • Saves you time and money with efficient mixing process
  • No mixing rods or blades; reduced risk for cross contamination
  • Weighs 52Kg; Power consumption 400 watts
  • AC200V-240VAC 50 / 60 Hz

Parts included: Standard Mixing Container (QTY 4), Disposable Liner (QTY 10), Hex Wrench, Power cord, and Manual, and a One Year Warranty.