Centrimix AX-8S


Centrimix – Centrifugal Speed Mixer for Transdermal Gels, Creams, Suspensions, and Powders

CENTRIMIX yields unmatched high-quality mixtures in just seconds! The result, flawless, homogeneous, and elegant deaerated compounds.  The finest preparations on the earth! 

Without propellers, mixing rods, blades, and beaters, CENTRIMIX drastically reduces the cleaning and sanitizing time and employee fatigue; allowing them to maintain alert and focused in the more technical steps of advanced compounding.  With a unique and proprietary mixing mechanism involving a combined rotation and revolution mixing ratio, CENTRIMIX drastically cuts processing times in fraction of the time. 



Centrimix AX-8S

MIXING CAPACITY: 310 GRAMS; (Single Container)

As a contained centrifugal mixing system, CENTRIMIX is ideal for a wide spectrum of hazardous (HD) and Non-hazardous compounded pharmaceutical applications where homogeneous mixtures and content uniformity are highly desirable. The mixing is fast, efficient, and easy.

The CENTRIMIX AX-8S model is a fast, compact, and SINGLE CAPSULE centrifugal speed mixing system equipped with a series of pre-configured revolving and rotating speeds, as well as several mixing programs that can be customized.  The capsule houses a standard container or a disposable container with a maximum capacity of 310g (300ML). The CENTRIMIX Ax-8S models is able to mix, mill, disperse, and deaerate a combined maximum weight of 310 grams of preparation with just the push-of-a-button.

CENTRIMIX Specifications:

  • Deaerates, mixes, mills your preparations
  • Unmatched mixing speeds for compounding transdermal creams, gels, and ointments
  • Ideal for melting gelatin base for troches and chewy pet treats
  • Transforms fluffy powder mixtures into compact preparations, drastically reducing your encapsulation time
  • Drastically reduces valuable cleaning time
  • Amazing mixing speeds cut down on your compounding time
  • Suitable for hazardous drug compounding due to closed system mixing; meets USP <800> requirements 
  • Ideal for mixing creams, gels, ointments, powders, and liquids
  • Equipped with vacuum-like features that removes air pockets
  • High speed mixing motion up to 2,000 RPM
  • Mixes most hormone TD mixtures in just 60 seconds! (AX-8S model)
  • Ensures homogeneous formulations (< 4% RSD)
  • Redundant safety features
  • Reusable and disposable containers allow for quick and easy clean-up
  • Saves you time and money with efficient mixing process
  • Lightweight, bench-top model, weighing approximately 24 kg (AX-8S model)
  • No mixing rods or blades; reduced risk for cross contamination




The following formulations were mixed with CENTRIMIX and visually inspected for content uniformity.

Deaeration (Air Removal) with CENTRIMIX

Are your patients and physicians concerned about excessive air-pockets? The CENTRIMIX AX-8S features has a built-in, vacuum-like capability that removes undesirable air-pockets and bubbles from your formulation. Thus creating the highest quality formulations on earth that will impress everyone.  Therefore, with the push-of-a-button, CENTRIMIX is able to deaerate and mix at the same time yielding astounding preparations beyond the imagination.


Melting with CENTRIMIX

In just a few minutes, CENTRIMIX facilitates the melting of gelatin gum base without cumbersome beakers or hot plates!

Place the gelatin gum base inside the container, and insert into Centrimix. After setup, the gelatin base will be partially melted in approximately 2 to 3 minutes, with an internal temperature of ~ 37ºC. Next add the API(s) and any color or flavor needed to the container. With an additional mixture of 1 to 2 minutes, the final product is homogeneous, uniform, and fully melted, reaching an internal temperature of ~ 40ºC. Due to the varying melting points with different gelatin gum bases, the mixing may range from 3 to 5 minutes. With thermal elevation control in Centrimix, API(s) are protected due to a lower melting point, which is achieved through the power of centrifugal forces!

Milling with CENTRIMIX

Zirconium Milling Spheres (ZMS) can aid in bringing down particle size.  These ZMS can be added to your preparation inside the mixing container to yield results far better than ever expected.  Not to mention consistency in your milling processes due to standardized centrifugal times and speeds set by Centrimix.